Friday, August 13, 2010

Glacier Park Part 2 using the Motorola Droid, Google Maps, and Picasa

The Motorola Droid doesn't take the best pictures but its sync ability between picasa and 'my tracks' makes things fairly easy. Currently the steps required are to sync the pics from my phone to the picasa web album, download the picasa map for google earth then import this file into a new map within Google Maps 'My Maps'. Then I upload my tracks to the new map. This provides me with my tracks and geotagged pictures all within google maps, make sense? Got an easier way? I like the simplicity and clean look with the seperate slide show and gps track of the previous posts but then again i like the pictures placed on the map where they were taken as I attempted in this post.
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This trip involved a stay at Lake Five Resort just south of the West Glacier Entrance. Tracks show the first days trip from Lake Five Resort through West Glacier, into Apgar Village, then on to St. Marys and back to Lake Five. Tracks also show the second days trip from Lake Five Resort, to St Marys, then on to Many Glacier and back.

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