Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bacon explosion recipe for the oven

Weave 1lb thick cut bacon

Add one layer 2lbs of Italian sausage

Add another layer of weaved thick cut bacon

Cook at 375F for 90 minutes-ish, ensure internal temp is 170 and the bacon is how you prefer; (chewy/crispy)

get a drink and remove from oven

eat, enjoy


Happy Gilmore said...

That is hot

Mom said...

OMG - that truly is heart attack on a plate. Where in the world did you get that recipe?

Briana said...

That is disgusting!!! You would need a couple of drinks with that.

Briana said...

...but the bacon weaving is impressive. And by the way, what about those photos of Condor Man?

Cliff and Patty said...

Did you save the grease? It would fry a lot of potatoes. How did you feel afterward??? The weaving is impressive, but where is Condor Man???

admin said...

Our good friends were kind enough to cook and share this recipe with us, its a variation of a BBQ recipe. As far as I know no grease was saved and after eating such a delicious and nutritious treat I felt strong and satisfied.

sorry I'm not familiar with this Condor Man you speak of.