Monday, July 14, 2008

St Mary's Peak, Stevensville MT

start:  7/13/2008 at 1208am(?)

length: 3.7 miles (from trail head to fire lookout)

time: 3:34:24 (up)  1:10:38 (at the top)  1:43:33 (back)

difficulty:  moderate / moderately difficult

avg speed: 1.o mph (up) 2.0 mph (down)

elevation gain: from 6783ft to 9368ft gaining 3585ft

directions: south of Stevensville to (either west on St Mary's Rd or west on Indian Prairie Loop then North on St Mary's Rd) then west on Lookout Trail

comments:  this had me gasping a bit, stops became more frequent as the trail went on, the last leg of the hike seems to be a bit more strenuous than the rest of the trail.

photos; panoramio or flickr

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