Monday, July 14, 2008

St Mary's Peak, Stevensville MT

start:  7/13/2008 at 1208am(?)

length: 3.7 miles (from trail head to fire lookout)

time: 3:34:24 (up)  1:10:38 (at the top)  1:43:33 (back)

difficulty:  moderate / moderately difficult

avg speed: 1.o mph (up) 2.0 mph (down)

elevation gain: from 6783ft to 9368ft gaining 3585ft

directions: south of Stevensville to (either west on St Mary's Rd or west on Indian Prairie Loop then North on St Mary's Rd) then west on Lookout Trail

comments:  this had me gasping a bit, stops became more frequent as the trail went on, the last leg of the hike seems to be a bit more strenuous than the rest of the trail.

photos; panoramio or flickr

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

July 4 2008

A trip to Evaro MT, just inside the Flathead Indian Reservation sits the Gray Wolf Peak Casino, outside of which are two rather large firework stands.  This year we obtained the following;


From left to right;

  • String O' Pearls - six five break shells and six six break shells

  • Quest - 12 ball shells and 6 artillery shells

  • Fear No Evil - six five break shells

  • Assorted sparklers, fountains, and tubes

  • Graphic Images (top right) - 500 gram cake with 5 simultaneous 4 shot and 5 shot finale consisting of green palms, blue stars and silver brocade

We set off one 'String O' Pearls' last night, the rest will be taken to a 4th of July party where it looks like this will be at most a third of the fireworks displayed.

Happy 4th of July.