Monday, June 16, 2008

Glacier National Park - Avalanche Lake and McDonald Lake

Our visit to Glacier National Park took us 16 miles in the West Glacier entrance to Avalanche Campground. With 50 camp sites the campground is definitely on the edge of the wild.


While there were no signs of bears the deer had no problem with the campers.


After camping at Avalanche Campground, we took a hike along Avalanche Creek, a rough yet spectacular clear blue creek runs along an 'easy' hike up towards Avalanche Lake. The hike is approximately 2 miles each way and a gain of 500ft in elevation.



Along the hike many surrounding mountains still had snow which was melting and causing runoff resulting in huge falls, this is a small one;


Upon reaching the lake we found crystal clear water surrounded by mountains.


Later that day, a little lunch at McDonald Lake;



Bryan said...

Hi there,
Great pictures from Glacier National Park! I'm planning a trip there next week myself, and having never been before, I'm very excited.

I have been a little worried by the fact that the Going-to-the-Sun road is closed due to snow, but your pictures of tenting at Avalanche campsite make it seem like I'm not crazy to be heading there with just my tent. Was it really cold over night? I'd appreciate any tips you might offer a fellow traveler!


admin said...

There wasn't any snow at the Avalanche campground and it got a bit chilly I guess although I stayed in short sleeves and enjoyed the temperature. Our 7 year old son was with us and didn't suffer from the cold. I don't think there is anything crazy about staying at this campground, its quite developed with bathrooms and running water.

I would just be sure to follow all the posted directions on how to handle food and waste.