Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lewis and Clark Caverns

While the entrance to the caverns were discovered in 1882 by two Whitehall men; Charles Brooke and Mexican John, the the Lewis and Clark caverns were discovered in 1892 by Tom Williams and Burt Pannell, two hunters.  Tom Williams explored the caves 6 years later and then talked to a local investor named Dan Morrison about further developing the cavern for tours.  Until 1908 the caverns were a successful tourist business, when the railroad laid claim to the land and gave it to the federal government and was consequently turned into a National Monument.  In 1937 the state of Montana received its first state park as the federal government declared the Lewis and Clark Caverns a state park.  Even though the name of the park is 'Lewis and Clark Caverns' it is believed that Lewis and Clark never visited the caverns, chances are they never knew they existed.

two shots while walking up the trail to the cavern;



The entrance to the caverns;









Monday, June 16, 2008

Glacier National Park - Avalanche Lake and McDonald Lake

Our visit to Glacier National Park took us 16 miles in the West Glacier entrance to Avalanche Campground. With 50 camp sites the campground is definitely on the edge of the wild.


While there were no signs of bears the deer had no problem with the campers.


After camping at Avalanche Campground, we took a hike along Avalanche Creek, a rough yet spectacular clear blue creek runs along an 'easy' hike up towards Avalanche Lake. The hike is approximately 2 miles each way and a gain of 500ft in elevation.



Along the hike many surrounding mountains still had snow which was melting and causing runoff resulting in huge falls, this is a small one;


Upon reaching the lake we found crystal clear water surrounded by mountains.


Later that day, a little lunch at McDonald Lake;


Friday, June 6, 2008

my resume expands

all my hard work is starting to pay off, I am now a TV star. Now not everyone can just get on TV, it takes alot of hard work and dedication. Here is my television premier;


or you could just join the IRC network and join #cops20