Saturday, May 3, 2008


A while back I was contacted by a person who was browsing flickr for pictures to use in Westways Magazine (AAA's Southern California Lifestyle Magazine). He had stumbled across a picture of Elk at Mammoth Village at Yellowstone. After signing a couple documents allowing them to print this picture in their magazine(s) and on their website(s) and a month later I received my copy of the magazine.


Above you see arrows pointing to my picture and my credit. I found it a bit odd as my name is nowhere near the picture and there is no indication of why my name is there, not that I'm complaining.


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ground Source Heat Pump - Geothermal Loop install

Almost a day and a half of digging from our friends at Hallford Excavating left us with about 600 ft of 3' wide, 6-8' deep trench in the back yard. Here you can see the trench closest to you which holds the two plastic pipes which exit the house and head towards the backyard behind the hedge. One of the pipes takes the liquid into the house, the other sends it out.


Below is a picture of the location of the manifold, the two pipes running to the house connect to the manifold and then the actual loops are connected to this manifold. The manifold was placed behind the hedge so that the loops could be laid in the back yard where there are no underground sprinklers.


Below a look at one of the three trenches dug to lay the loop, the three trenches are all just a bit under 200' long each.


Below is a closeup of the pipe (loop) that is laid in these three trenches, this loop pulls about 4 degrees out of the ground and carries it into the house via a water / chemical mix running through these pipes;


and here is a shot taken from the back of our property showing the extent of the earth that was moved for this part of the project;