Sunday, March 16, 2008

Installing Hardwood Floors, so easy a kid could do it.

We have now started remodeling the guest room with the same hardwood floor as Dylan's flooring. To give myself a break I rented a pneumatic floor nailer, much easier than the manual nailer although they really get you on the rental price. Dylan was present for this install and was excited about helping, it wasn't long before he was installing the hardwood floor all by himself. Shortly after teaching how to hit the nailer and giving him the opportunity to hit it while I held it, Napolean was handling the nailer all by himself.


After teaching him how to nail the hardwood floor, I showed him how to select the correct piece of wood (quality of finish, warping, and the correct length [so that breaks are staggered]) and how to pound it into place.


He was then doing the job all by himself, yes, the pictures you are viewing are actual shots of him in action (using the sports mode of my camera) laying approximately 12 11' 6" long rows of Bellawood rustic maple 3/4" hardwood flooring with a pneumatic floor nailer.