Monday, October 29, 2007

Yellowstone Park - Mammoth Village

yellowstone elkUpon our arrival at Mammoth Village we were greeted by the site of several elk. You could find the elk in the center of the village, around the visitor center, and the hotel, they were hard to miss.

The elk weren't afraid of the vehicles or people, nor were the people afraid of the elk. The yellowstone elkpark rangers were stationed around the elk and had to keep people a safe distance away, and the village had several signs warning of the danger. For some reason people felt no danger from these massive wild animals. We saw people walk right beside the elk without a second thought. We even saw a family park their car right next to the elk and get out of the car, the parents showed no concern when the barely walking toddler got out of the car and headed toward the elk, just feet away. No concern that is until the elk made took a couple aggressive steps toward the child.

danger do not approach elk sign

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