Sunday, September 16, 2007

Spygate; Patriots cheat and film defensive signals

The NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has fined New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick $500,000, fined the the New England Patriots $250,000 plus a first round draft pick in the 2008 NFL draft. This is immediately following the NFL memorandum against this type of activity. It has been reported that Bill Belichick "misinterpreted" this memorandum, I bet. While some such as Jimmy Johnson and Howie Long try to justify Bill Belichick's cheating actions by speculating that everyone in the NFL practices these techniques, I think they should be ASHAMED; Belichick, Howie, Jimmy, and all other sympathizers/practitioners. I think this speaks volumes about Howie and Jimmy that they defend the actions of a cheater by diverting attention and speculating that everyone else behaves in this way. In this same show, Barry Switzer and Jimmy Johnson admit to practicing these techniques at their previous college jobs. Also Jimmy Johnson admitted to these techniques at Miami, although he did not admit to using these techniques while winning multiple super bowls with Dallas, right; just before and after.

So what other techniques do the Patriots use to win a game? Would this be the first time Bill Belichick's moral standing was brought into question? I surely hope this has nothing to do with golden boy's success and the Pats winning of several championships.

Roger Goodell's interview with Bob Costas went well even though Costas attempted to second guess Goodell's decisions. Roger Goodell didn't flinch and made it clear who is in charge. The owner of the Patriots Bob Kraft appeared to hide behind Goodell's decision stating that the penalty was the most harsh in the history of the NFL although Kraft made a statement implying that additional action maybe taken behind the scenes.

Personally I don't think the punishment was harsh enough, if caught cheating I think you should be banned from the NFL. This is a game where practice, discipline, and talent should be the determining factors. If you cheat to win you are a loser, plain and simple.

Sorry Tim.

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