Friday, September 28, 2007

Missoula River Rock from Donaldson Brothers Ready Mix Inc

dump truckToday we had a truck of Missoula River Rock delivered from Dolandson Brothers Ready Mix Inc in Hamilton. We have a 3ft x 150ft strip along the driveway that has a border, it has recently been cleaned out and covered with a liner, this is where the bulk of the rock was needed. We also did the same with a 6ft x 16ft on the south wrock pilesest side of the house and a 22ft x 4ft area along the south side of the house. Providing Donaldsons Brothers with these measurements, at 2 inches thick they calculated that we would require "5 yards".

The rock varies in color dull shades of red, gray, white, and brown. A good percentage of the rock was dirty and there was a bit of dirt in the load but it shouldn't take long to naturally clean itself.

missoula river rock

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