Sunday, September 9, 2007

Michael Bisping vs Matt Hamill UFC 75

During UFC 75 Michael Bisping fought Matt Hammil, which was highly anticipated due to the fact that the two were supposed to fight at the conclusion of UFC's 3rd season of their reality show 'Ultimate fighter'. The two were unable to fight at the time due to an injury to Matt Hammil.

Prior to the fight Bisping stated that he was going to beat Hammil and seemed upset that Hammil was calling out Bisping through various form of media, Bisping went on to state that Hammil was the most one dimensional fighter in the UFC. Bisping being a highly celebrated MMA fighter from across the pond, made this statement due to Hammil's wrestling background, not taking into account any of Matt's MMA training.

As Bisping entered the ring he seemed more concerned with pleasing the fans as he trotted around the ring, rather than his opponent on the other side.  All three rounds were primarily stand up as Matt Hammil took it too Bisping. At the end of the first round Bisping looked banged up and tired while Hammil looked solid; calm, cool, and collected. By the end of the second round not much had changed. While Hammil did take Bisping down a couple times he didn't do much on the ground. Bisping looked in trouble several times throughout the fight, although the third round seemed to go more in Bisping's favor than the other rounds, weather I would consider Bisping winning the third round is up for grabs.

The fight went the distance and much to my disbelief 2 of the 3 judges scored the fight in Bisping's favor. At the end of the fight, as Joe Rogan asked Bisping to describe the highlights, there wasn't much to show and there wasn't much to say. Bisping acted like he actually performed well in the fight and told Matt Hamill to go back to wrestling.

In my opinion Bispings actions that night spoke volumes about himself as a man. One of the top MMA fighters from England barely won over the 'most one dimensional fighter in the UFC'. If this fight wasn't in London I bet the outcome would be different.


ray said...

I saw the fight live as well

To be honest I havent seen such a fix in my life in MMA, and pray this isnt the shape of things to come.

Its clear UFC is becoming about money - and its a shame that fighters like Matt Hamill who CLEARLY won that fight can still get a decision against them because they aint the person the crowd came to see.

Matt handled the news well, if I was him I would rang the bell for round 4 lol and finished him for good.

I am impressed with Matt, because you can tell hes been improving in his training - his stand up game is miles better then before. His strength is scary and it was almost like he was a bear just toying with Bisping.

Bisping comments afterwards just cemented how bad this fight would be received by the fans - but if I was taking hits from Hamil like he was I would be saying stupid things as well after the fight lol.

I was a Bisping fan till that day - and im sure alot of plp have seen him for who he is. I know I was surrounded by Bisping fans and to hear them cheering for Hamill at the end says enough.

To the judges - I wasnt aware that you get points for hitting the opponents guard and punching into thin air, if thats the case im sure I could hold a title in the UFC for def one day lol

Bisping shouldnt think you can get by on the hype surrounding him, anybody can get taken out in this game ask Hughes or Liddell. He needs to come to the ring ready to throw down, or not bother at all.

Hamill needs to finish plp of, he could be making mince meat out of his opponents, if he dont leave it to the judges then he cant be robbed.

The judges of that fight all need their p45.

admin said...

On the note of the UFC being about money;

Could the UFC possibly squeeze more sponsors into their broadcasts? The ring is plastered with adds, the fighter info is brought to you by, the fight is brought to you by, the fighters with their clothes telling you to drink this and visit this website, their trainers drape banners over the fence while the fighter enters the octagon, fighters winning speeches thanking all of the sponsors ...

joaquin said...

what are u talking about ?? !!

If this fight wasn't in London I bet the outcome would be different.

Matt Hammill won. with corrupted judges bisping cna win anywhere. Next time probably the 3 jurges will get in the cage and start punching Hammill.

bisping got his ass kicked, and he is stupid enough to think he actually won

admin said...

I'm talking about the fact that the hometown attributed to Bisping winning.

What are you talking about, do you think this is UFC wide corruption?? !!

Also, I think Bisping knows good and well the reality of that fight.

Paul-John Brinkman said...

Bisbing you suck

Keep it simple, Bisbing had the crap smacked out of him, was taken down at will and he was beaten by a stronger man, Josh Craicheck won his previos fight by simply getting the takedowmns.Bisbing shot his mouth off about Hamill being one dimentional, Hamill beat him at his own game

The main concern should be that Dana White had invested to much money in promoting Bisbing for him to loose, bisping talks better so he can promote himself more to a large รข€˜20 thousand o2 tickets sales aswell as pay per view uk audience.
Eventually ufc became a slave to the numbers with Dana white being the biggest bitch of all, you know he called the shots on that decision, siting at the side of the ring, president of the ufc world.

Power corrupts, ultimate fighter power absolutely corrupts. we thought ufc was pure, we may have just witnessed the turning point. You could see it on the faces of the presenters and Bisbing couldnt hide his face far enough in his bassball cap. Before you know it the fights will be fabricated, if they arent allready, just like wwf, who knows maybe hulk hogan can make a comeback?

All i know is that hurt, i was starting to get into it, their are some great athleates with great heart, who now have to dance to that arsehole Dana Whites puppet strings.