Friday, September 28, 2007

Missoula River Rock from Donaldson Brothers Ready Mix Inc

dump truckToday we had a truck of Missoula River Rock delivered from Dolandson Brothers Ready Mix Inc in Hamilton. We have a 3ft x 150ft strip along the driveway that has a border, it has recently been cleaned out and covered with a liner, this is where the bulk of the rock was needed. We also did the same with a 6ft x 16ft on the south wrock pilesest side of the house and a 22ft x 4ft area along the south side of the house. Providing Donaldsons Brothers with these measurements, at 2 inches thick they calculated that we would require "5 yards".

The rock varies in color dull shades of red, gray, white, and brown. A good percentage of the rock was dirty and there was a bit of dirt in the load but it shouldn't take long to naturally clean itself.

missoula river rock

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Spygate; Patriots cheat and film defensive signals

The NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has fined New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick $500,000, fined the the New England Patriots $250,000 plus a first round draft pick in the 2008 NFL draft. This is immediately following the NFL memorandum against this type of activity. It has been reported that Bill Belichick "misinterpreted" this memorandum, I bet. While some such as Jimmy Johnson and Howie Long try to justify Bill Belichick's cheating actions by speculating that everyone in the NFL practices these techniques, I think they should be ASHAMED; Belichick, Howie, Jimmy, and all other sympathizers/practitioners. I think this speaks volumes about Howie and Jimmy that they defend the actions of a cheater by diverting attention and speculating that everyone else behaves in this way. In this same show, Barry Switzer and Jimmy Johnson admit to practicing these techniques at their previous college jobs. Also Jimmy Johnson admitted to these techniques at Miami, although he did not admit to using these techniques while winning multiple super bowls with Dallas, right; just before and after.

So what other techniques do the Patriots use to win a game? Would this be the first time Bill Belichick's moral standing was brought into question? I surely hope this has nothing to do with golden boy's success and the Pats winning of several championships.

Roger Goodell's interview with Bob Costas went well even though Costas attempted to second guess Goodell's decisions. Roger Goodell didn't flinch and made it clear who is in charge. The owner of the Patriots Bob Kraft appeared to hide behind Goodell's decision stating that the penalty was the most harsh in the history of the NFL although Kraft made a statement implying that additional action maybe taken behind the scenes.

Personally I don't think the punishment was harsh enough, if caught cheating I think you should be banned from the NFL. This is a game where practice, discipline, and talent should be the determining factors. If you cheat to win you are a loser, plain and simple.

Sorry Tim.

Free Virtual Machine - run Windows on Mac

Mike Kronenbert wrote 'Q'; a free, open source virtual machine that can run windows and linux on Intel based Macs.
A completely rewritten cocoa port of QEMU, built directly on OS X, making use of Apples Core-technologies like Coreimage, Coreaudio and OpenGL for in- and output, saving the overhead of crossplattform APIs like SDL, FMOD or GTK.

This virtual machine is considered to be 'Alpha', it is considerably slower than other virtual machines such as Parallels but it seems fairly stable and you can't beat the price.

You can find this free emulator for Mac OS X here; Q

Monday, September 10, 2007

Bob Saget Song Lyrics - HBO special 'That Aint Right'

A song my dad played it for me on a tape one day, a crazy tape I loved, an old English folk song;
There was an old farmer who sat on a rock
Stroking his whiskers and shaking his ...
Fist at his neighbors who sat on their wricks
Teaching their children to play with their ...
Kite strings and marbles in the old days of yore
Along came a lady who looked like a ...
Decent young lady and walked like a duck
Said she discovered a new way to ...
Bring up the children to sew and to knit
The boys in the stables were shoveling up ...
Contents of stables left after the hunt
The car-man(?) was feeling a nice piece of ...
Straw from the stables cleaning the walls
In came the dairmaid(?) to play with his ...
Dog and the dairy where she did belong
If you think this is dirty you're F***ing well wrong.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Michael Bisping vs Matt Hamill UFC 75

During UFC 75 Michael Bisping fought Matt Hammil, which was highly anticipated due to the fact that the two were supposed to fight at the conclusion of UFC's 3rd season of their reality show 'Ultimate fighter'. The two were unable to fight at the time due to an injury to Matt Hammil.

Prior to the fight Bisping stated that he was going to beat Hammil and seemed upset that Hammil was calling out Bisping through various form of media, Bisping went on to state that Hammil was the most one dimensional fighter in the UFC. Bisping being a highly celebrated MMA fighter from across the pond, made this statement due to Hammil's wrestling background, not taking into account any of Matt's MMA training.

As Bisping entered the ring he seemed more concerned with pleasing the fans as he trotted around the ring, rather than his opponent on the other side.  All three rounds were primarily stand up as Matt Hammil took it too Bisping. At the end of the first round Bisping looked banged up and tired while Hammil looked solid; calm, cool, and collected. By the end of the second round not much had changed. While Hammil did take Bisping down a couple times he didn't do much on the ground. Bisping looked in trouble several times throughout the fight, although the third round seemed to go more in Bisping's favor than the other rounds, weather I would consider Bisping winning the third round is up for grabs.

The fight went the distance and much to my disbelief 2 of the 3 judges scored the fight in Bisping's favor. At the end of the fight, as Joe Rogan asked Bisping to describe the highlights, there wasn't much to show and there wasn't much to say. Bisping acted like he actually performed well in the fight and told Matt Hamill to go back to wrestling.

In my opinion Bispings actions that night spoke volumes about himself as a man. One of the top MMA fighters from England barely won over the 'most one dimensional fighter in the UFC'. If this fight wasn't in London I bet the outcome would be different.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Bitterroot River Rainbow Trout

bitterroot riverWe got a late start today and then I drove us all around looking for a small, out of the way fishing spot on the Bitterroot River but we never found it. We decided to go back to the public fishing access at the Florence Bridge which is close to our house but its usually packed with fishers, floaters, and people with their dogs. I don't think any of us were too hopeful as it was getting late in the morning. When we got there there were few people there and the river looked still. We decided to walk north and I kept walking until I saw signs of life and after quite a ways up river I found it. They were jumping all over and it was hard for them to resist the worm.

rainbow trout

We walked away with several rainbow trout.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Glen Lake Montana (Ravalli County / Bitterroot National Forest)

bearJust north of Victor on the east side of highway 93 you will find signs for Glen Lake. It is a nice drive up to 6800 feet (from 3400) with views overlooking Victor and Stevensville, if it weren't so smoky we would have had views of the Sapphire Mountains as well. On the way up we hit some traffic (see little black bear picture right).

At the trail head are 4 parking spots with plenty of room for additional parking. It starts uphill immediately and stays that way most of the hike in, approximately 2 and 1/4 miles in, going from 6800 ft to approximately 7700 ft. Any real hiker would consider this an easy walk but it was a little more than we expected; our 7 glen lake hike viewsglen lake hike viewsyear old son did very well though. Most of the hike consisted of views of the Bitterroot Mountains through the burnt forest.

There were probably 4 groups of people on the trail which was slightly disappointing but didn't present an inconvenience. reported over a dozen vehicles parked at the trail head back in '98 due to the trails easy status, maybe there were few people there due to all the smoke in the area but if there were a dozen people on that trail my opinion might be a little different. Despite all the burnt land and the other hikers; the views along the way and then reaching the lake made it all well worth it. glen lake

The 6 acre Glen lake sits back int he Bitterroots at an elevation of 7741ft. We packed our poles looking for the rainbow trout the MT FWP said existed but we saw no signs of life in that lake. Still a very nice place, probably better for camping than fishing. The hike in took us longer than expected (about an hour and a half) so our fishing time was limited as we needed to get back over the top of the mountain before the sun went down. deerThe hike back was quite easier than the hike in, as the hike out only consisted of hiking up the backside of the mountain, a couple hundred feet; the rest of the hike was all down hill from there. Back to the truck and back down the switch backs, we hit more traffic (see picture right).