Thursday, August 16, 2007

Make money with no commission and no middleman by selling links on your blog with WP Text Ads and the Marketplace

After hearing about WP Text Ads and the Marketplace I decided to give it a shot.

wp text ads

WP Text Ads is a WordPress plugin that lets you sell text link ads directly to advertisers. This means you pay no commissions and get paid instantly. At the same time, advertisers save money from lower ad rates.

The Marketplace is a directory of WP Text Ads blogs. It provides a convenient place for advertisers to find relevant site and traffic information about your blog.

They recommend blogging and recommending WP Text Ads and the Marketplace so this is what it is.

We will find out the answer to the question; Does the WP Text Ads and the Marketplace rock?

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Alex Choo said...


Thanks for the writeup.

I hope WP Text Ads rocks :) But users will have to tell me what they like or dislike about it so that WP Text Ads works for them the way they like it, not the way I like it.

The Marketplace is a crucial component, that's why I hope more and more people will join the Marketplace. It's free, and really easy to join.