Friday, August 31, 2007

Missoula Osprey Pioneer League Baseball at Ogren Park

Missoula Osprey LogoospreyYesterday we took a trip into town to see the Missoula Osprey take on the Great Falls White Sox.

The Missoula Osprey are the Pioneer League affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Osprey are also the 2006 Pioneer League champions. Ollie the Osprey is the Missoula Osprey mascot (see picture right).

The Pioneer League is short season (June-September) minor league baseball found in the Rocky Mountain region and includes the following teams; Billings Mustangs, Helena Brewers, Missoula Osprey, Great Falls White Sox, Oren Owlz, Ogden Raptors, Casper Rockies, and the Idaho Falls Chukars.

ogren park

The Osprey play at Ogren Park at Allegiance field in Missoula Montana by , the stadium was built in 2003 and holds 3,500 people. The field bears the name of Bitterroot motors owner Kathy Ogren. The field is 309 feet to the left field line, 398 feet to center field, and 287 feet to right field line.

food and drinkWe had great seats (see picture left) behind the third base line immediately behind the home team dugout. These were the most expensive seats in the house at $10 a piece. Drinks and food were relatively expensive at over $3 a beer, peanuts were $2 a bag, but I managed to have a couple anyway. I know what you are thinking but I shared some of those peanuts with the family, I promise.

The Osprey started off shaky with 2 errors and allowing 1 run in the top of the first, but answered with 2 runs of their own in the bottom of the inning. The game slowed down a bit until the 6th inning where things started to get a little crazy.


In the 6th the Osprey had 3 runs only to give up 8 runs in the top of the 7th inning, yes 8 runs. They tried to mount a comeback but fell short with a final score of 12-10.

There was a friendly, light police presence, the crowd was well behaved, and Ollie was quite entertaining for the kids. Prior to the first pitch the coach walked out from the dugout turned around and called for my son, then threw him a ball, which my son caught with his glove. All in all a nice family friendly experience.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Lake Como Montana

Lake ComoSouthwest of Hamilton, Lake Como is a large irrigation reservoir that lies at an altitude of 4,500 in Rock Creek canyon which was the main trail of Idaho's Selway country in the late 1880's. There is a south-shore pack trail following this original route, and a north-shore foot trail join 1/2 mile below the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness boundary. The lake was considerably low (see picture right) and the smoke from the forest fires were moving in, still a nice place.

Lake Como

Budweiser Clydesdales

The streets of Stevensville were packed yesterday when the Budweiser Clydesdales visited from their home in Southern California. Budweiser has 6 teams of Clydesdale Horses; Menifee CA, St Louis Missouri, Merrimack New Hampshire, along with the three SeaWorld locations.

bud horse bud horse

bud horse

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bellawood Hardwood Floor Installation - Rustic Maple

Bostitch Floor NailerThis post will cover the installation of Bellawood "rustic maple" hardwood flooring from Lumber Liquidators; per Bellawood and the way it was actually installed. The flooring is 3/4 " thick solid, tongue and groove, prefinished hardwood strip flooring that comes in random lengths (from 10 to 82 inches). The flooring is nailed down with blind-nails (cleats), set with a specialized hardwood flooring nailing machine over a wood subfloor. The product I used to nail down the floor is the Bostitch MFN200 Manual Flooring Cleat Nailer.

The subfloor should be contructed of 5/8 inch or thicker plywood, when installed over 16 inch center joists. My subfloor was 3/4 inch on 16 inch centered joists

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mike Vick Dog Chew Toy


In an effort to 'raise awareness of the atrocity of animal abuse' Aim To Begin² LLC has created the official "Vick's Dog Chew Toy".

vick chew toy

The company claims tht the toy is so strong and flexible that it will challenge every breed especially the pit bull.
Unlike other toys, our manufacturer is so sure of its durability they guarantee it against the most playful dog destruction. It Bends. It Bounces. It Flies. It Floats. And best of all, it lasts through the whole season and more!

Get Your Official Vick's Dog Chew Toy today!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

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After hearing about WP Text Ads and the Marketplace I decided to give it a shot.

wp text ads

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We will find out the answer to the question; Does the WP Text Ads and the Marketplace rock?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Montana Forest Fires

With fires to the north, south, east, and west the views have changed. We found a small layer of ash on things left outside, and if we leave the windows at night ash forms on the window sill.

before after

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Burke Lake Golf Course at the Burke Lake Golf Center - Fairfax VA


The Burke Lake Golf Course at the Burke Lake Golf Center in Fairfax Station VA was designed by Dave Bennett and Leon Howard (ASGCA). Opening in 1969 this course is an 18 hole par-3 course that sports 2,843 yards of golf with a course rating of 50 and a slope rating of 113. There is also a 40 tee driving range at the Golf Center.

They schedule tee times 10 minutes apart at this course and they request that you arrive one half-hour early in case they can start you early.


pictures of Burke Lake Golf Course at the Burke Lake Golf Center in Fairfax Station VA ...