Friday, January 5, 2007

ARB Bull Bar from Iron Pigg Offroad

After searching around the internets I found many a dainty grill guard but then I stumbled upon the ARB Bull Bar. I called a local shop iron pig offroad and they had great things to say so i had them order me one. Iron Pig was very helpful with ordering and offering assistance with installation but I decided to tackle it myself. Much thanks to iron pig offroad.

Installation instructions went something like this 'remove old bumper and install new bumper', maybe not exactly but ... I had heard you had to modify the frame by removing existing bumper mounts, which was quite easy. Mounts seen here. Removing the mounts was relatively simple, I just had to smack it around a bit and grind it down. Then a survey of the existing mount locations on the frame, the ARB hardware, and the bolt holes on the bull bar fills in the missing instruction. I installed this myself which was the tough route, the bumper is a good 100lbs but luckily a channel on the bull bar can be used to rest the bull bar on the frame during install.

The front end is now like a tank, it was a great fit, great quality.

Now I want another 4Runner so I can get another one of these.


Andrew Scott said...

Would you be able to send me some digital pics of the side, front and lower views of the bumper? It would greatly appreciated man.

admin said...

sure, anything in particular you are looking for?